Call me at 415.509.3519. I'll give you my story.

In a nutshell, I've been a copywriter for more than 20 years, almost 10 of those working for myself. Most of my clients are advertising agencies, design firms, and corporate marketing departments. I also work with small businesses and startups, helping them with branding, product messaging, presentations, stuff like that.

Drop me a line. Tell me about you and your business.

I generally start a project by asking questions. Not only do I find out about you, but I gain an understanding of what your customers want from you. And once I've got a grasp of what needs to be said, I say it in the most effective way possible, in whatever style best sells your product or service.

Usually available. Always scalable. 

I've established some fantastic working relationships with lots of talented art directors, designers, web producers, and videographers. My Rolodex is fat, so no matter how big your marketing initiative, I can deliver end-to-end solutions that are strategically effective and affordable, too.